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Is Your Head Spinning Trying To Make Sense of Your Company's Financial Data?

Vdriven provides accounting services to CPG brands of all sizes so they feel confident about operating a profitable business.

What We Do

Whether you are a time-starved startup or an established business, we have the resources and expertise to deliver a cost-effective accounting solution.

CPG Accounting Is Highly Specialized

Vdriven ensures you have the accurate financial data you need to set your business up for success.

Lead With Profit First

In a growing business, much of the energy within your company comes from you as its leader. Ensure that you're properly positioned to fuel new ideas and capital for growth.
Lead with Profit First

Create a Strategic Roadmap.

With a clear financial picture you’ll feel confident about when, where, and how to invest and responsibly grow your business.

Make Informed Decisions

We help you see the financial health of your business and provide guidance for continued growth.

Focus On What Matters

Delegate the time, expense, and monotony of managing your own books. Your time will be better spent focused on your business.

Scale With Confidence

Feel confident you can manage your budget and cash flow to invest and grow.

Your Path To Improving Financial Accuracy

How we help you manage your accounting and enhance visibility of your company performance.

Review the Data

Review the Data

We’ll work to understand the spending practices of your business and provide you with an assessment of how to get things running smoothly.

Customized Service Plan

Customized Service Plan

We will tailor a service plan specifically designed to meet your needs. No two brands are alike, which is why we provide flexible service options.

Invest in Your Growth

Invest In Your Growth

With fewer surprises and more financial clarity, you can put your money back where it belongs – in your business and in your pocket.

Even Thriving Businesses Can Suffer From Poor Accounting

Without fundamentally solid accounting practices, you are basically running your business blindly.
  • Mismanaged cash flow can lead to an increase in debt.

  • We provide brands with the financial clarity they need to avoid spending money they don’t have.

  • You’ll operate on survival instead of clarity.

  • Our ongoing assessments paint a picture of what's happening in your business today and help you plan for the future.

  • Basic accounting doesn’t go deep enough to tell you if your business is successful or not.

  • Our comprehensive accounting solutions show you the status of your company beyond just months or quarters.

  • Grapple with unexpected compliance issues.

  • Ensure statutory compliance when it comes to your business.

  • Investors aren’t interested in unprofitable brands.

  • We know yours is a labor of love and that someday you may decide to sell or acquire partnerships. Which is why we’ll guide you on how to create a healthy thriving business.

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